Photographer / Kenji Ishiguro

I first met Kenji Ishiguro in 1990.

It was around the time that I left my parents’ home in Toyama and was a student in Tokyo.

We traveled together to Jamaica and New York.
At the time, Mr. Ishiguro was a teacher at a photography school, and I got to know him through my friend Hajime Honda, who was his student there.

When I was a worry-filled young man in my twenties, he told me, ”You will travel to India, and you will become a good monk,” and advised me on my career. 

A year later, guided by his words, I went to India.
And now I am JUSHOKU,the resident minister of a temple.

Mr.Ishiguro can be called my “mentor”. 

It seems our journey is still continuing. (Photography / Hajime Honda)