Contemporary Buddhism Culture guide at Kyosyuji

You can experience the contemporary buddhist culture that Kyosyuji temple is trying to adapt to contemporary times.

JUSHOKU will explain the temple, read sutras, and talk about jodo-buddhism.

We can also provide some explanations in English, so foreigners can also participate.

In addition to viewing ”Amita-lightandlife-”, you can also see the wooden statue of the Buddha, which has been beautifully restored with a modern sensibility, and a wooden relief work created by wood carver Tsutomu Iwasaki. We also have the “Contemporary Buddhism Culture guide at Kyosyuji” where you can experience various explanations by the resident minister of Kyosyuji, as well as listening to sutra readings. 

Please visit us at Kyosyuji Linkukan, a temple facility located in the historic townscape of the Kitamae Ship Wholesaler.

Please move to Kyosyuji Shin-mido and see the approximately 300-year-old wooden buddha sculpture and the “KuugeRensuiGokurakuJyoudoZu” created by wood carver Tsutomu Iwasaki.Please experience the Jodo-shinshu temple.

>>> 『Wood carving artist Tsutomu Iwasaki』

Please try the experience at the installation gallery “AMITA-lightandlife-“.

>>> 『AMITA-lightandlife- installation exhibition』

Participation fee: 10,000 yen per group for 1 hours (up to 5 people per group)

To apply for a reservation, please call (076-426-9129/Wakamami)
Please use the INQUIRY FORM.