I happened to be born in Japan, grew up in a Jodo Shinshu temple, and was culturally influenced by that environment.

And I naturally came to think of myself as a Buddhist and accepted its values ​​and ways of thinking.

However, through my many experiences, I have come to understand that there are many different religious cultures in the world, 

and at the same time, I have come to recognize the uniqueness of Buddhism.

In today’s globalizing society, it seems that I must re-recognize my identity as a Buddhist monk.

I thought again about what it is about my own faith that I find so appealing.

I will try to summarize it below.

[ about Buddhism ]
It shows how to live a better life by perceiving the world in accordance with the laws of nature.

[ about Mahayana thought ]
It shows an existential and practical way of being and the possibility of infinite growth.

[ about Japanese Buddhism ]
It shows a way of life that aims to balance independence and coexistence, individuality and cooperation. 

[ about Jodo Shinshu ]
It provides guidance for living and dying in a positive way. 

In general society, Buddhism is often perceived as being ceremonial, authoritative, and conventional.

However, the Buddhism that I experience daily is quite different from that image.

I believe that Buddhism is based on tolerance of differences between others and a free and peaceful way of life.

That’s the kind of Buddhism I like.

The world exists on the premise that it is inherently diverse.

I think it is natural that there are various religions and sects.

I believe that we should not deny the beliefs of others unless there are serious social issues involved.

And I believe that we will never know the truth by denying others.

I believe in Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, but I would never try to force it on anyone.

I believe that religion should be an individual’s freedom.

However, I also want to share with others the universal awareness I have gained through my own faith.

I also want to share the universal awareness you have gained.

And I would be glad if we could have empathy with each other.